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Checklist for Starting Cyclists: Reflect 360 Cycling Jacket and Other Preparations


You want to start cycling to help you in losing weight. You bought the famous cycling jackets in the market, Reflect 360 Cycling Jacket. There is still things to do before you really start cycling.


First of all, safety first. Always wear your helmets. This shouldn’t be part of the list because it should be a common notion, but there are still many cyclists that forget to do this.


Get the perfect bike for you. You can go on reputable bike shops to give you a bike fit for you. Having a perfect fit bike will help in reducing pain in the back and optimizes your cycling performance.


Always bring tools for repairing your bike. You will never know when your bike is going to break down so it’s better to be prepared. You can also practice repairing your bike at home so that you will have a knowledge what to do in case it happens.


Before going on a trip, find first some roads and routes on where you are planning to go. You can find maps for this in different cycling websites.


To help you with your first biking experience, try finding cyclists on the web. Having cycling friends can help you easily adjust with the sport of cycling. Find cycling friends who have more experience. They can impart you the cycling knowledge that they know.


Never forget to bring an identification card. Accidents are inevitable and in case you got into one, you will be easily known since you have an ID. Your road ID can range from normal IDs, anklet and bracelet with your name, or just some piece of paper with written contact information.


Cyclists don’t own the road so you better get friendly with car drivers. When a car comes too close to you, just stay calm and remain in control of your bike. You don’t have to puke out vulgar words to the driver. It is better if we are all friends on the road.


Cycling is not just a sport. It is a culture shared by everyone that has a passion for cycling. This is why there are certain words that only cyclists know. You have to learn their lingo to easily socialize with them.


You might also want to speed up your biking at first. This is to smoothen the pedals and the chains in the bike. Smooth pedals and chains means faster bike speed.


Have a set of clothing just for cycling. The Reflect 360 Cycling Jacket is one of the famous cycling jacket that cyclists use today. Most of the cycling clothes are tight and fitted. This is to keep you cool, cuts down on the drag, and keep your genitals comfortable.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money if you want to start cycling. You just have to search very well for bikes that suit your budget. You can always join cycling forums on the internet to get more information about cycling.